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taillights fade 1999
cross country 1998 .... suzette
last call 1998
random encounter 1998
tax man, the 1998 .... nadia rubakoff
real blonde, the 1997 .... tina
first wives club, the 1996 .... phoebe lavelle
showgirls 1995 .... nomi malone
... a.k.a. hogirls (usa: midnight showing reissue title)
white wolves ii: legend of the wild 1995 .... crystal
... a.k.a. legend of the wild
saved by the bell: wedding in las vegas 1994 (tv) .... jesse spano
bandit: bandit goes county 1994 (tv) .... beth
armitage iii 1994 (v) (voice) .... armitage
... a.k.a. armitage iii: polymatrix
molly & gina 1993 .... kimberly sweeny
saved by the bell hawaiian style 1992 (tv) .... jesse
"saved by the bell" 1989 tv series .... jessie spano

notable tv guest appearances

"perversions of science" 1997 playing "ruth" in episode: "planely possible" 6/25/1997
"burke's law" 1994 playing "heather charles" 1/28/1994
"baywatch" 1989 playing "courtney bremmer" in episode: "showdown at malibu beach high" 10/18/1992
"raven" 1992 playing "deborah" in episode: "death of shiela, the" 10/3/1992
"married people" 1990 playing "isabel" in episode: "once more, with passion" 10/3/1990
"hogan family, the" 1988 playing "ashley" in episode: "california dreamin'" 9/15/1990
"life goes on" 1989/i playing "selena" in episode: "la dolce becca" 11/11/1990

information obtained via imdb (internet movie database).
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