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dying to be perfect: the ellen hart pena story 1997 (tv) .... ellen hart pena
as good as dead 1994 (tv) .... susan warfield
siringo 1994 (tv) .... kaitlin mullane
miracle child 1993 (tv) .... lisa porter
lady against the odds 1992 (tv) .... dol bonner
when will i be loved? 1990 (tv) .... julie weston
"wings" 1990 tv series .... helen chappel hackett
without her consent 1990 (tv) .... marty
chameleons 1989 (tv) .... shelly
slumber party massacre ii 1987 .... courtney bates
"it's a living" 1985 tv series .... amy tompkins
high school u.s.a. 1983 (tv) .... anne-marie conklin
young doctors in love 1982 .... julie
"happy days" 1974 tv series .... k.c. cunningham (1982-1983)

notable tv guest appearances

"just shoot me" 1997 playing "herself" in episode: "secretary's day" 1997
"master, the" 1984 playing "kerry brown" in episode: "state of the union" 1984
"happy days" 1974 playing "mikki" in episode: "tell tale tart" (episode # 1.210) 3/15/1982

information obtained via imdb (internet movie database).
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