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entrapment 1999
... a.k.a. untitled antoine fuqua project (1997) (usa: working title)
mask of zorro, the 1998 .... elena
... a.k.a. mark of zorro (1997) (usa: working title)
titanic 1996 (tv) .... isabella paradine
phantom, the 1996 .... sala
blue juice 1995 .... chloe
"katharina die groe" 1995 (mini) tv series .... catherine
... a.k.a. "catherine the great"
return of the native, the 1994 (tv) .... eustacia vye
"cinder path, the" 1994 (mini) tv series .... victoria chapman
splitting heirs 1993 .... kitty
christopher columbus: the discovery 1992 .... beatriz
"darling buds of may" 1991 tv series .... mariette
out of the blue 1991 .... chirsty
1001 nuits, les 1990 .... sheherazade
... a.k.a. mille e una notte, le (italy)
... a.k.a. sheherazade

notable tv guest appearances

"young indiana jones chronicles, the" 1992 playing "maya" in episode: "palestine, october 1917"

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