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baywatch: white thunder at glacier bay 1998 (v) .... lani mckensie
chosen one: legend of the raven, the 1998 .... mckenna ray
starfucker 1998 .... iona shirley
... a.k.a. dust and stardust (1997) (usa: working title)
... a.k.a. starfuckers (1997) (usa: working title)
good burger 1997 (uncredited) .... roxanne
"loveline" 1996 tv series .... co-host (1997)
"singled out" 1995 tv series .... co-host (1997)
"baywatch" 1989 tv series .... lani mckensie (1997-1998)

notable tv guest appearances

"two guys, a girl, and a pizza place" 1998 5/20/1998
"just shoot me" 1997 playing "herself" in episode: "king lear jet" (episode # 2.5) 11/11/1997
"all that" 1995 playing "sue" in episode: "ed gets married" 10/30/1997
"baywatch nights" 1995 playing "candy" in episode: "epilogue" 4/1996
"pacific blue" 1995 playing "lani mckenzie"

information obtained via imdb (internet movie database).
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