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nightscream 1997 (tv) .... drew/laura
she cried no 1996 (tv) .... melissa connell
... a.k.a. freshman fall (usa: cable tv title)
no one would tell 1996 (tv) .... stacy collins
visitors of the night 1995 (tv) .... katie
frankenstein sings 1995
sharon's secret 1995 (tv) .... sharon
... a.k.a. into the fire (1995/ii) (tv) (usa: working title)
kidz in the wood 1994 .... donna
camp cucamonga 1990 (tv) .... amber lewis
... a.k.a. how i spent my summer
... a.k.a. lights out (usa: working title)
i saw what you did 1988 (tv) .... julia
... a.k.a. i saw what you did... and i know who you are!
punchline 1988 .... carrie
some kind of wonderful 1987 .... cindy nelson
"full house" 1987 tv series .... d.j. (donna jo) tanner
bigfoot 1987 (tv) .... samantha
little spies 1986 (tv)

notable tv guest appearances

"boy meets world" 1993 playing "witch millie" in episode: "witches of pennbrook, the" 10/31/1997
"who's the boss?" 1984 playing "young mona" in episode: "mona spin off" 1987
"growing pains" 1985 playing "jenny"
"punky brewster" 1984 playing "jennifer"
"st. elsewhere" 1982

information obtained via imdb (internet movie database).
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