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"net, the" 1998 tv series .... angela bennett
net worth 1998
mixed signals 1997
reach the rock 1997
listen 1996 .... sarah ross
swingers 1996 .... nikki
"melrose place" 1992 tv series .... samantha reilly campbell (1996-1998)
eye of the stalker 1995 (tv) .... beth knowlton
"extreme" 1995 tv series .... sarah bowen
beach house 1995 .... caitlin
moment of truth: a mother's deception 1994 (tv) .... kim mcgill
... a.k.a. moment of truth: cult rescue
terminal velocity 1994 .... jump junkie #2

notable tv guest appearances

"party of five" 1994 playing "courtney" in episode: "grand delusions" 12/20/1995
"chicago hope" 1994 playing "sandra shutt" 1995
"beverly hills, 90210" 1990 playing "suds lipton" in episode: "back story, the" (episode # 3.8) 9/16/1992
"single guy, the" 1995 playing "amanda"
"sliders" 1995 playing "daelin richards" in episode: "as time goes by"

information obtained via imdb (internet movie database).
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