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portrait of a pin-up queen: anna nicole smith 1998 .... herself
to the limit 1995 .... colette
best of anna nicole smith, the 1995 (v) .... herself
skyscraper 1995 .... carrie wisk
naked gun 33 1/3: the final insult 1994 .... tanya peters
hudsucker proxy, the 1994 .... za za
playboy video centerfold: anne nicole smith 1993 (v) .... herself
... a.k.a. playmate of the year 1993: anna nicole smith

producer filmography

skyscraper 1995 (associate)

notable tv guest appearances

"naked truth, the" 1995/i playing "herself" 1995

information obtained via imdb (internet movie database).
anna nicole smith imdb link

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