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without limits 1998
... a.k.a. pre (1997) (usa: working title)
"felicity" 1998 tv series
cold hearts 1998 .... alicia
perfect body 1997 (tv) .... andie bradley
killing mr. griffin 1997 (tv) .... susan mcconnell
turbo: a power rangers movie 1997 .... kimberly hart
... a.k.a. power rangers ii (1996) (usa: working title)
... a.k.a. power rangers turbo: race to the volcano (1996) (usa: working title)
... a.k.a. power rangers the movie 2 (1996) (usa: working title)
susie q 1996 (tv) .... susie q/maggie
mighty morphin power rangers: the movie 1995 .... kimberly (pink ranger)
... a.k.a. power rangers: the movie
"mighty morphin power rangers" 1993 tv series .... kimberly hart/pink ranger (1993-1995)
... a.k.a. "mighty morphin alien rangers" (1996)
... a.k.a. "power rangers ninja" (1995)
... a.k.a. "power rangers"

notable tv guest appearances

"saved by the bell: the new class" 1993 playing "linda, screech's girlfriend" in episode: "green card" 9/1996

information obtained via imdb (internet movie database).
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