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windrunner 1995 .... julie moore
fatal charm 1992 (tv) .... valerie
posing: inspired by three real stories 1991 (tv) .... abigail baywood
... a.k.a. i posed for playboy
hell hath no fury 1991 (tv) .... michelle
love and betrayal 1989 (tv) .... stephanie
listen to me 1989 .... donna lumis
lawless land, the 1988 .... diana
"year in the life, a" 1987 tv series .... sunny sisk
can't buy me love 1987 .... cindy mancini
... a.k.a. boy rents girl
"year in the life, a" 1986 (mini) tv series .... sunny sisk
explorers 1985 .... lori swenson
best kept secrets 1984 (tv) .... gretchen
"boone" 1983 tv series .... squirt sawyer
annie 1982 (as mandy peterson) .... dancer

notable tv guest appearances

"doogie howser, m.d." 1989 playing "blind girl who vinne falls for"

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